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Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

RP and In Character romances

I am sick as the proverbial dog so forgive me if this post comes out all mangled and confusing.

I've been thinking a lot about IC romances of late. It used to bug me that I enjoyed romance plots. Heaven forfend I like typical girly things. But as I a) read romance novels like they're popcorn and b) enjoy romances in all my television, it stands to reason that I would also enjoy watching them play out in role playing games.

Now, I think romance plots have gotten a lot of flack for the drama they can cause. We all know if the in game/outta game line blurring that goes on and how that can be especially messy when there's feelings involved. Usually my ic partner is also my husband. The fact that there are no concerns about boundries aside, I enjoy interacting with Josh in games. We've been rivals, opponents, co-conspiritors, allies and lovers in games. Sometimes more than one at a time with certain characters I can think of.

The folks that I can run romance plots with though are few and far between I've found. Some people and characters I'd dearly love to run those sort of plots with wouldn't touch a romance plot with a ten foot pole. Some folks aren't comfortable running those plots. Others, I'm not comfortable enough with them to run them.

Which leaves me usually playing in a corner with Josh. Not that that isn't fun, but sometimes we're playing characters that simply don't mesh.

So what do you all think? What kinda plots do you prefer playing in?


romance plots rock when they work, but they require... a bit more maturity and genuine humor than the average gamer geek has. my fav vamp character had quite a bit of her plot driven by IC romance and the character who played that foil was blessedly an awesome gamer/player and amazingly NEVER even passingly more than a friend, greatly greatly treasured and admired tho.
Some of my favorite IC romances have been with purely platonic friends. It is usually easiest with someone I am dating due to comnfort levels but Josh is not a big fan of romance plots although he runs with them, and has fun despite himself, because of me.
If you count our Giovanni characters, we've been siblings and lovers at the same time! :P

I think what I like about it with Josh, is that we get to experience the whole falling in love again thing. One of my favorite memories of our relationship was getting kissed in the midnight rain at the first Nero event we went to.

I've just been thinking lately of all the characters interplay I wish I'd explored in the games past and present and the hang ups that kept it from happening.

For me, its easier to get beyond how shy I can be. I still have trouble just hugging my friends but its easier to manage my own reserve while 'safe' in a role.
Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

January 2010

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