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Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Meme; Never Were

Sometimes, often even, games die out before the story ends. Or the story takes a different direction. I think I have more characters with games that have never ended. But here are my top five 'wish' list for things I would have loved to play out.

1. Arie, changeling - I think the fact that this character is the supporting character in the comic I'm puttering on makes it clear how hard it is to let go. She was my very first rpg character and I still tease/beg the gm about a reunion campaign.

2. Angela, vtm - man, I loved playing her. Now, santa carla was a smoking wreck when I left and the story took so many twists and turns that she was broken on so many levels. That said, if someone told me I could make anything in a vampire larp, I'd be running for the matrix club wear in a heartbeat. Of course, I made it look much better a decade ago. Sigh.

3. Kiren, wheel of time - Josh ran us through the plots of the books, deleting the main characters. I loved my little brown ajah sedai. I even got Lan. Hah! I nagged Josh into telling me the ending but its not the same.

4. Cadix, vtm - y'all know she was gonna be prince one day, right? ;) she was a ton of fun and I had some cunning plans in motion that I couldn't wait to see come to fruition. I really wanted to see who finally took her out or if she fell from her humanity in the end.

5. Aeryn, Nero - she's still around and kicking but she's had sooo many plots die on her. Even worlds. I've got two 'would love to's with her, both involving Darius, her now grown kid. I miss just rping with him as his player is still one of my most favorite people ever and only the second person irl allowed to call me mom (he's old enough to vote now and has tattoos, m'god.) Also, I swear someday I'm going to get the truth about his existance outta S. So help me. :)


Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

January 2010

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