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Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee


When I was a teen, I loved the SCA. The events were my first real forray into many of the hobbies I still know and love. Lately, I've been trying to get back into it, and honestly I'm trying to decide if its worth fighting to save the SCA that I know and remember or whether I should look to my other outlets for that enjoyment instead.

The SCA is not welcoming to new people any longer. They simply aren't. I was told by an autocrat at an event that people would approach me in one to two events if I stuck around. And that they were tired of wasting the effort on people who might or might not be there for the long haul. Excuse me? What on earth would make a new person come back with that as a greeting?

At the last 12th Night I attended, everyone but a specific household was kicked out of open court so they could have a 'special meeting'.

I have never been an authentist but I am one of those people who likes the 'Middle Ages the Way they Ought To Have Been' line. I am tired of their royal majesties holding keggers on the field after a tourney. That is not my SCA.

And, that this is even a debate, much less a pipe dream, offends me to my core.

I'm not sure my SCA exists anymore.


Well, can't speak for Caid, but all of the people I've been introduced to at events in the West have, while not remembering my name (understandable), always make a point to acknowledge my presence and ask how I've been.

Sorry you're not having a good experience.
Actually, I've found this chapter more welcoming to people they don't know than up north. Up north, I did have friends that I hung out with at events and people I knew outside of the SCA that I would chat with but people I met just through the SCA, not so much.

The autocrat and event I mentioned above was NICE, but it was a matter of fact and that was in the West.

I think its frankly a society wide problem at this point, IMO.
The Barony that I have befriended and learned about the SCA from have been extremely welcoming to me. They try to encourage me to go to events with them, lending me garb and such. People in the Kingdom approach me and ask if I'm new, letting me know things get easier. Admittedly I AM nervous and always unsure of myself. I don't know all the etiquette and what I should say, but most are forgiving of that. I've been encouraged to go to Pennsic, but there is no way I'm ready for that leap. Though I love my friends who are into it hardcore, and accept fencing lessons and archery when people want to teach me, I'm not a true SCAer. I'm more of a dabbler. Not a "long hauler", but my peepz seem to be cool with it. I'm peeved that your experience is so unfriendly. I wish you could know my friends.
I wish I could too :) Of course that would also mean you were close enough to catch up with too :D
I really do believe its out there somewhere. I've been too big a chicken to go back to Estrella because I'm afraid if that is the same it will make me give up entirely.
Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

January 2010

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