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Jan. 5th, 2010

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Wii Fit: Day 3

I haven't used this thing in forever. The baby is a full fledged toddler and work is everpresent so between all of that I have been too, too busy. But, my mother got me a wii fit for Christmas and between that and the bento diet that I'm playing with starting, I'm gonna try and keep a log of my success (and failure) and thought I'd try keeping that here.

So far, I'm on day three with the wii fit. It is a horrible, taunting device but the games are short and kinda addictive.

My goals: Lose weight and tone up the flab, regain some of that last troublesome recovery in my knee, and get the machine to stop telling me that I am a giant fatty.

So far, I am moving my way through all of the exercises to get a feel for all of them and trying to do my weigh in daily. Eventually, I'm going to put together a few routines that focus on what I want to get out of the thing, but for right now, its getting a baseline feel for the activities and getting into the routine of doing it everyday, then moving from there.

On the bento box diet, it's basically portion control with the excuse to get a nifty bento box for work. 1/2 rice, 1/4 vegetables, 1/4 protien. So, we'll see how that goes :)

Mar. 19th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Away Notice

One of the first friends I made when we moved down here died this week in a drunken-driving car wreck. He was out celebrating his birthday.

I'll be back with posts that I owe, pictures of the baby and alliance/nero babblings when I'm a little less shell shocked.

Mar. 9th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Unrelated News

I am enjoying Second Life (I know, I know. Gasp! Shock! Horror!)

I don't *think* any of my friends here are on Second Life, but if you are (or want to be!) I'm on as Tempest Vyper.

And on the baby front, Taran dislikes the time change quite a bit.

Mar. 7th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Breaking in New Boots

Thank goodness winter down here was glutted with boots. I got a great pair of new boots for the event that have sneaker soles. They're not MY boots, but I actually like them a great deal. Good ankle support without being too tight. And they even zip up the side for those midnight dash out of the cabin to life people. It's kinda sad I planned for that but my tunics that I'll probably be sleeping in are knee length and split up to the thigh on the side for movement. So while I might flash a fair bit of leg, I'll be decent in my skivvies without having to sleep in my pants.

Please note this does not mean I want to be woken up in the middle of the night just so y'all can be blinded by my white-ass legs :)

We're pretty much done. I got make-up today (expensive! but decent quality. Thankgoodness for the gift card leftover from my b-day.)

All thats left to do is weapon construction and finishing up the sewing on my pouches. All we need to pick up is a light socket adapter, cord for my bodice and red duct for Josh's sheild. And food, of course, but that's when we get there.

I'm getting off of work at noon on Thursday, then we'll head outta here to be back to the real world on Sunday.

I :heart: my new robe SO MUCH.

Mar. 6th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

my husband is an amazing man

So, once Josh finishes up S's garb, we will be done with garb sewing! It looks amazing, but especially the blue and black and silver of Jakartins look. Josh made my design for it look just as final fantasy as I pictured it. Well, Josh will be done. I have a few more closures to hand sew.

We have a few odds and ends to pick up and weapons to make. We leave Thurs at noonish, and will drive back sunday. I will take pictures, I promise.

Got to make weapons and packets. Finish closures. Embroider Josh's belt pouch if I can... yay!

Mar. 4th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

Meme; Never Were

Sometimes, often even, games die out before the story ends. Or the story takes a different direction. I think I have more characters with games that have never ended. But here are my top five 'wish' list for things I would have loved to play out.

1. Arie, changeling - I think the fact that this character is the supporting character in the comic I'm puttering on makes it clear how hard it is to let go. She was my very first rpg character and I still tease/beg the gm about a reunion campaign.

2. Angela, vtm - man, I loved playing her. Now, santa carla was a smoking wreck when I left and the story took so many twists and turns that she was broken on so many levels. That said, if someone told me I could make anything in a vampire larp, I'd be running for the matrix club wear in a heartbeat. Of course, I made it look much better a decade ago. Sigh.

3. Kiren, wheel of time - Josh ran us through the plots of the books, deleting the main characters. I loved my little brown ajah sedai. I even got Lan. Hah! I nagged Josh into telling me the ending but its not the same.

4. Cadix, vtm - y'all know she was gonna be prince one day, right? ;) she was a ton of fun and I had some cunning plans in motion that I couldn't wait to see come to fruition. I really wanted to see who finally took her out or if she fell from her humanity in the end.

5. Aeryn, Nero - she's still around and kicking but she's had sooo many plots die on her. Even worlds. I've got two 'would love to's with her, both involving Darius, her now grown kid. I miss just rping with him as his player is still one of my most favorite people ever and only the second person irl allowed to call me mom (he's old enough to vote now and has tattoos, m'god.) Also, I swear someday I'm going to get the truth about his existance outta S. So help me. :)

Feb. 25th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee


Meh, I say!

I am on a creative upswing and a fiscal downswing. Our landlords giving us bills that I know we paid him for but he has all the bill copies. Have to deal with that this week.

On the bright side, I am working out kinks in my art hand. I have a digital painting that's taking forever but once is done, I think I will be back to work on the comic.

Garb is going well. Love my new, almost done robe but so tired of putting buttons on things. Ears are on their way. Left to do:

Brown pants
Finish packet pouch closures and decoration


2nd robe

Shirts x 2

And that's it. Still seems long but its really not bad. My pants, Joshs cloak and tabard are mostly done.

Can't wait!
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Feb. 19th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee

RP and In Character romances

I am sick as the proverbial dog so forgive me if this post comes out all mangled and confusing.

I've been thinking a lot about IC romances of late. It used to bug me that I enjoyed romance plots. Heaven forfend I like typical girly things. But as I a) read romance novels like they're popcorn and b) enjoy romances in all my television, it stands to reason that I would also enjoy watching them play out in role playing games.

Now, I think romance plots have gotten a lot of flack for the drama they can cause. We all know if the in game/outta game line blurring that goes on and how that can be especially messy when there's feelings involved. Usually my ic partner is also my husband. The fact that there are no concerns about boundries aside, I enjoy interacting with Josh in games. We've been rivals, opponents, co-conspiritors, allies and lovers in games. Sometimes more than one at a time with certain characters I can think of.

The folks that I can run romance plots with though are few and far between I've found. Some people and characters I'd dearly love to run those sort of plots with wouldn't touch a romance plot with a ten foot pole. Some folks aren't comfortable running those plots. Others, I'm not comfortable enough with them to run them.

Which leaves me usually playing in a corner with Josh. Not that that isn't fun, but sometimes we're playing characters that simply don't mesh.

So what do you all think? What kinda plots do you prefer playing in?

Feb. 17th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee


So, this is cross posted from the Alliance SF boards.

Josh and I and Taran are looking for people willing to share a cabin with an 18 mo. old. He's really very good! I promise we're not bad to share with.

I have six life spells per day!! :)

Also, Taran's garb is coming along. It's TERRIBLY CUTE. We picked bold bright colors and poly fleece to make his outer wear out of. He's mostly in long sleeve shirts and sweats under it. But his cloak is done, green super soft stuffed animal fleece and lined in red muppet-fur. It's awesome. Taran keeps cuddling it. Too cute.

Feb. 16th, 2009

Geek is C00l! -=- by Lenabee


When I was a teen, I loved the SCA. The events were my first real forray into many of the hobbies I still know and love. Lately, I've been trying to get back into it, and honestly I'm trying to decide if its worth fighting to save the SCA that I know and remember or whether I should look to my other outlets for that enjoyment instead.

The SCA is not welcoming to new people any longer. They simply aren't. I was told by an autocrat at an event that people would approach me in one to two events if I stuck around. And that they were tired of wasting the effort on people who might or might not be there for the long haul. Excuse me? What on earth would make a new person come back with that as a greeting?

At the last 12th Night I attended, everyone but a specific household was kicked out of open court so they could have a 'special meeting'.

I have never been an authentist but I am one of those people who likes the 'Middle Ages the Way they Ought To Have Been' line. I am tired of their royal majesties holding keggers on the field after a tourney. That is not my SCA.

And, that this is even a debate, much less a pipe dream, offends me to my core.

I'm not sure my SCA exists anymore.

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